Is Running Counter-Productive To Bodybuilding?

Vince's Gym

Vince, I seem to remember a time when you did a lot of running. Sometimes in the morning before your workouts – down in the wash nearby the gym.

Do you think that the running is just counter-productive to the BEGINNER or the INTERMEDIATE?

I've tried everything. I ran a lot. Anything I do I give the best I've got.

I ran with guys that belonged to the L.A. Striders club and with other athletes and stuntmen. I actually ran a half mile in 2 minutes and two-tenths seconds. It took Gene Mozee, supposedly a good runner (high school, college) 6 months to equal.

I didn't claim to be a runner, though.

Running is fine if you do it for the pure joy of expression. On a dusty road with Meadowlarks singing in the fields on both sides and it's a bright, sunny day.

I'll run, but I'm not going to drive myself into the ground. Once it starts to get painful I've got enough sense to back off.

First of all, what is the big argument all about? Cardio-vascular result is the main point.

I'll put you through 4 exercises, 12 reps, 4 different sides to a muscle, no rest and I'll teach you something about cardio-vascular. I get runners in here that throw up on this cardio program.
Respitory and heart building. By the way, these runners throw up after a Circuit of ONE!

Remember O.J., the great football player? He even had trouble getting through 3 circuits. He couldn't for a long time.

It's tough, but it works and works quickly to improve physical efficiency, blood pressure and burns fat.

The people that just rely on running or the ones in here that run too much are incredibly inefficient in so many areas of fitness.

If you want to train for a cardio-vascular reason you need for a medical reason or a physical activity that requires this efficiency, which is all bodybuilding's all about – if done properly.
Bodybuilding is not so much a sport as it is a form of therapeutic medicine. Bodybuilding prepares the body for ANY sport and can be tailored for specific needs. Or it can be done "cosmetically" just to look good. Or for general health.


#1 2011-03-26 17:42
Where can I get the 4 exercise, 12 rep program for cardio building?
#2 TheManFromTaco 2017-11-27 04:25
#1, buy a copy of Vince's booklet "A Muscle Has Four Sides." That's what he is referring to.

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