inVINCEable Legs & Abs DVD   • $24.95

inVINCEable Legs & Abs DVD

Daryl Conant demonstrates the legs and abs exercises that Vince Gironda advocated in his gym.

These are the unique exercises that Vince Gironda advocated in his gym. Included in this DVD are; Abdominals, Quadricep, and Hamstring.


Concemetric Crunch

Half sit-up

abdominal vacuum

bench knee tucks

frog sit-up

hip roll

mini trampoline

table/ bench crunch

stiff leg raise


serratus dips

ab planche

weighted curl ups


Smith machine calf raise

hack machine seated calf raise

hack machine calf raise

alternating calf raise

smith machine standing calf raise

dumbbell calf raise

seated calf raise

walk off alternating calf raise

donkey calf raise

one and a half smith machine

Hamstring Exercises

dumbbell hamstring curl

bicep femoris hack squat

prone hamstring curl low

prone hamstring curl high

Quadricep Exercises

frog squat

dillinger squat

jefferson squat

cable adduction

smith machine frog squat

power leg extension

45 degree hack slide

the famous sissy squat

half lunges

front squat

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