inVINCEable Arms DVD   • $24.95

inVINCEable Arms DVD

Daryl Conant demonstrates the arm exercises that Vince Gironda advocated in his gym.

This DVD includes the unique exercises of Vince Gironda for developing; biceps, triceps, forearms, and deltoids

Bicep exercises

pro bicep curl

standing two arm dumbbell curl

standing alternate dumbbell curl

bentover barbell curl

preacher stand dumbbell curl

preacher stand reverse side dumbbell curl

spider bench curl

high bench prone bicep curls

standing incline bicep curl

bicep pull ups

incline dumbbell curl

lat pulldown bicep curl

incline alternating dumbbell curl


seated 90 degree posterior raise

high bench laterals

seated lateral raise

kosloff lateral raise

dumbbell alternating press

dumbbell circle

dumbbell upright row

dumbbell side swing zorros

dumbbell press and negative lateral

scott shoulder press

barbell upright row

clean and press

military barbell press

smith front and back shoulder press

dip stand shoulder press

alternate front raise

dumbbell incline lateral raise

power posterior dumbbel raise


off bench barbell wrist curl

hammer curl

squatting wrist curl

reverse body drag

reverse preacher forearm cul

zottman curl


seated tricep overhead extension

one arm power extension

tricep bench dip

high bench tricep kickback

tricep pullover and press

pulley power pushdown

tricep elbows wide pushdown

narrow grip neck press

elbows wide pressdown

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