Impressing Girls At Vince's Gym

"[...] we went over to Studio-City to train at Vince's Gym. I opened my wallet, which didn't have much money, in front of Vince and gave him 14 Dollars for both me and my friend to train for the day.

We had a great workout, using the same equipment that all my childhood heroes got huge on, such as Don Howorth, Bill McArdle, and of course, Larry Scott.

After the workout and after changing in the locker room fittingly titled Larry Scott's dressing room, I remember showing Vince a couple of poses and asking if he thought I had what it takes to impress the California girls. Vince replied, pointing to his backside, "you need more back here". I said, "Vince, I do my best to build my butt, but I don't squat anymore because I know from you that it makes the hips wider." Vince replied "no you idiot. I'm referring to your wallet. It needs to be fatter if you want to impress the girls. They want money."

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