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I/KI Iodine Tablets

Iodine is the most essential nutrient for the function of your thyroid.

Thyroid problems in America are rampant and affecting people at an alarming rate. In most cases, Hypothyroidism (low function) is the culprit.

The most important nutrients for a healthy thyroid are Iodine and Thyrosine (an amino acid from protein rich food), essential fatty acids, vitamin E and complete protein.

Some symptoms of low thyroid function are fatigue, aching muscles, cold hands and feet, weight gain, dry and thinning hair, dry skin, heavy menstrual periods, forgetfulness, diminished libido, always tired, slow heart rate and mental fatigue!

NOTE: In very rare cases, some people can be sensitive and allergic to iodine - if so discontinue use and consult a health care professional.

Recommended Daily Amount: Take 1 to 4 tablets daily or consult with a health care professional.

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