The History of Vince's Gym & The Stars He Trained

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Gironda Talks!The late Vince Gironda is considered by many to be the greatest bodybuilding trainer who ever lived!

At his famous Vince's Gym, in North Hollywood, California, Vince Gironda trained many of the greatest bodybuilding champions in the world, as well as a long list of movie stars and TV personalities.

Known as the "Iron Guru", Vince Gironda was years ahead of his time and it is no exaggeration to say that Vince Gironda invented or popularized many techniques and training accessories that we take for granted today.

On nutrition he was the first to recommend amino acids for muscular development and glandulars to break a sticking point.

He promoted the weight loss and muscle building benefits of high fat diets long before the Atkins and Zone diets were popular.

He could shape up movie stars in record time and help bodybuilding champions attain their best ever size, condition and presentation.

All this was over a quarter of a century ago and now you can hear Vince Gironda explain in his own words the theories, research and principles that made him so famous!

For the first time in 35 years you can hear in this unique audio seminar, Vince Gironda in his own words explain;

• Synthetic Anabolic Steroids vs. Natural Hormones - Whatever happened to Physical Culture?

• How to precurse natural hormones and increase the anabolic environment of your body.

• What is the proper intensity and duration of the optimum workout?

• How to avoid overwork and avoid hormone loss.

• Why you should avoid excessive abdominal training.

• How to easily increase your arm size by 1" in two weeks.

• What routines does Vince recommend for the beginner, intermediate and advanced trainer?

• How to naturally increase your metabolic rate.

• How you can improve muscular weak points in your body.

• What are the benefits of specific diets and what effect will they have? High Protein, Low Protein, High Carbohydrate, Low Carbohydrate, High Fat and Low Fat.

• What supplements should you take, how often and how much?

• What are the most powerful foods available today which can quickly provide muscle gain and fat loss?

• Saturated fat, unsaturated fat and cholesterol - what part should it play in your diet?

• ... and much, much more!

Vince Gironda - Trainer of Champions!

Vince Gironda trained some of the most famous bodybuilders ever, including Larry Scott, Don Howorth, Mohamed Makkawy, Bill Pettis, Monty Wolford, Bill Smith, Rick Wayne and the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Vince Gironda - Trainer of Stars!

Hollywood greats such as Ernest Borgnine, Gary Busey, David Carradine, Cher, Clint Eastwood, Erik Estrada, James Garner, George Hamilton, Michael Landon, Larry Parks, Shawn Penn, Burt Reynolds, Kurt Russell, John Schneider, Clint Walker, Carl Wethers and countless others were all trained by Vince to accomplish the physical condition they desired.

Carl Wethers

An introduction to the "Gironda Talks!" audio seminar from hollywood star Roger Torrey!

Roger TorreyActor Roger Torrey appeared in over 100 famous TV shows and films, including The Beverly Hillbillies, The Iron Horse, The Dukes of Hazzard, Little House on the Prairie, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Mister Ed and Bewitched.

Roger knew Vince for over 15 years as a friend, training partner and instructor.

Listen as Roger explains how Vince Gironda personally influenced him with his teachings of proper training, nutrition and supplementation.

The "Gironda Talks!" audio seminar gives you direct instruction from Vince Gironda himself!

Vince Gironda was a proponent of natural training methods and nutritional practices. He literally spent years of his life researching, testing and refining techniques until he knew they worked 100%. Now you can hear him explain these results in his own words for the first time.

Vince Gironda Audio Seminar

Ron Kosloff Audio Seminar Part 1

An in-depth audio seminar / interview with Ron Kosloff. Discussing health, nutrition, bodybuilding and Vince Gironda. Part 1.

Michael Dean

I just wanted to thank you Ron for all the courses nutrition and knowledge you have given me.

A lot of these techniques helped me achive the results I needed.

I really hope to fly up there and train with you as soon as I can.

Michael Dean

Michael Dean

Were Workouts Different Before Steroids?

Vince's Gym

During the 1960s Vince Gironda laid claim to having more top physique stars in training than any other west coast gym.

As a matter of fact, we had a first string and their photos lined the left wall of the gym. The second string had their photos on the right wall of the gym.

At this time Vince’ s Gym entrants dominated local physique contests. The training procedure was as follows.

Train one hour and retire to the Steak House across the street from the gym.

Have meat and relax and back to the gym for another hour training session and repeat this procedure for three one hour workouts.

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