"Gathering of Greats" The 1991 "Golden Years of Bodybuilding" Event

Golden Years of Bodybuilding

Back row, left to right: Bob Delmonteque, John Isaacs, Glenn Sundby, George Redpath, Les Stockton, Pudgy Stockton (the only woman to be included in this historic picture), Red Lerille, Vince Gironda, Steve Reeves, Russ Warner, Leo Stern, Bill Pearl, Dennis Tinerino, Jimmy Payne, Leroy Colbert, Larry Scott, Chuck Krauser, Al Berger, Pat Casey, Don Peters, Babe Stansbury, George Coates, Bill Cantrell.

Front row, left to right: Joe Loprinzi, Sam Loprinzi, Orville Wertzbaugher, Johnny Gibson, Joe Abbenda, Ed Jubinville, George Eiferman, Joe Weider, Harry Smith, Walt Marcyan, Armand Tanny, Mits Kawashima, John Grimek, Jack LaLanne, and Don Arnold.


#1 2016-01-18 07:29
My dear father is BABE STANSBURY RIP....~ I couldn't be happier to see this post of the "Gathering of the Greats"....)YES!!! It was the Golden Years!!!
Thank you for this posting~
Susie Stansbury Mccullough ~ 2016

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