Frank Zane Training at Vince's Gym

Frank Zane Training at Vince's Gym

In the summer of 1975, I was presented with an opportunity to train at Vince's Gym for a few months.

Gold's Gym had become a madhouse with the filming of "Pumping Iron". "We are making a documentary film about bodybuilding," photographer George Butler told me. "I don’t think so. Why don't you just call it 'Pumping Arnold'? It's obvious the film is all about him," I retorted to the biased shutterbug.

I wanted no part of it so I drove 20 miles each way, every day to Studio City to train at Vince's Gym.

Vince Gironda welcomed me. The gym had unique equipment, great equipment – the best dumbbells.

However, it lacked serious leg machines. "No wonder none of the guys who came out of here had no great leg development," I thought to myself.

Vince didn't believe in barbell squats – only hacks, leg extensions and leg curls (he would have loved the Leg Blaster).

I got along great with Vince because I agreed with him most of the time. One day I told him a parable that said in effect, "Only he who drinks tea truly knows its taste."

He really liked me after that. And I liked him.


#1 2014-07-02 13:18
Too bad Frank didn't discuss sissy squats at any length unless he categorizes them with hacks.
Great story nonetheless!
#2 2014-07-02 21:18
Growing up, Frank Zane took the place of 'The Lone ranger' as my idol and I read every thing I could find relating to Frank. I got all his books and used his routines to work out. I even imagined him being there with me as I worked out. I was obsessed with my new idol.
I kept in contact by purchasing everything he offered but never had the opportunity to meet him.
Fast forward 30 yrs. I was working as the Director of Fitness and Nutrition at a clinic in Palm Springs, CA. One day I came to work and there was this big dog laying on our front door mat. I bent down and looked at the tag on his collar and it said, "Hi, my name is Tyler and I belong to Frank Zane". I called Frank and found out that he lived right behind our clinic. We have been close friends ever since. His dog brought us together.
#3 TheManFromTaco 2018-01-27 08:11
Mr. Zane says "none of the guys who came out of here had no [sic] great leg development."

On the contrary, I think that Vince Gironda would say that bodybuilders with humongous legs are out of proportion and have poor aesthetics. He sometimes referred to "turnip thighs."

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