Attacking the High-Rep Muscle

Larry Scott Fingertip Push Ups

Larry Scott Fingertip Push Ups

Try to do 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps. Push ups don't actually work the fingers but they will give you something to concentrate on while stressing the fingers.

Also the strain of doing push ups will further tire the fingers.

Taken from the Larry Scott Massive Forearms course.

Train Your Forearms Properly

The forearms are the most visible parts of the body, with perhaps the exception of the neck.

Ironically, few bodybuilders spend much time training them nowadays.

There is some justification there because nearly every exercise does work the forearms in one way or another.

But I feel that in order to get the best out of your muscles, you must work them specifically.

Specialized Forearm Training

My forearms seem to be in line with the development of the rest of my physique although I do not do any special forearm work.

Do you believe the forearms should be trained specifically each workout?

I wish people would think more for themselves. You have answered your own question.

If your forearms are keeping pace with the rest of your development, then they are getting enough overspill from your other exercises.

After all nearly every exercise brings the forearms strongly into play. It is only at times when your lower arms are failing to develop that you should include individual exercises such as wrist curls and reverse curls.

Few bodybuilders spend much time working out their forearms with these exercises, but there are occasions when an arm starts to take on a look of imbalance and specialized forearm work is needed.

Don Howorth

Training For Muscular Forearms

I have been reading your articles for quite some time now. I have made good gains with my routines and I work out every other day, but I have a bad problem with my forearms.

The belly of my forearms is really bad, although the top outer part near the biceps is OK. I also have thin wrists. Is this a factor?

The forearms are worked in almost every exercise we do in bodybuilding. Some people get enough development just from this all-round work.

The size of the wrists are not a reliable indication of how big your forearms can get. The amount of cell allocation is the key.

Your problem is a back-to-basics case. I suggest you start every workout with seated wrist curls using a barbell. Go for 5-8 sets of 10-12 reps per set. Hold the elbows in close, forearms resting on the bench and raise and lower hands with an even cadence (rhythm).

Do not allow the hands to unfold at the bottom of the movement. This works the fingers not the forearms.

Forearm Specialization

After each set of B.B. Preachers Stand for Biceps, without releasing the weight step back away from the stand and bend over placing the forearms on top of the thighs and wrist and hand over end of knee, plus perform 6-8 Reps (same weight used on curl) of the forearm wrist curl.

(IronMan, September 1981)

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