Don Peters Muscle Building Routine


Lats and Arms

- Wide grip chins 5x6-8reps
- Long pulley lat exercise 5x10reps
- Straight arm Pullover 5x10reps
- Lat Pulley Pullins 5x10reps
- Incline Dumbell Curls 5x10reps
- Preacher curl 4x10reps
- Gironda Bicep bench curl 4x10reps
- Concentration Curl 4x10reps
- One arm Seated tricep press 6x10reps
- Tricep ext. on long pull 5x10reps
- Lat bar tricep ext 5x10reps
- Supine reverse grip press 5x10reps

Tuesday and Friday

Chest and Shoulders

- Decline Dumbbell press 5x10reps
- Decline pulley flys 5x10reps
- Reverse grip dips 5x8-10reps
- Incline Pulley flys 5x8-10reps
- Seated dumbell press 6x10reps
- Seated Behind the neck press 5x6-10reps
- Standing lateral raises 5x10 reps
- Alternate front raises 5x10reps
- One arm incline raises 4x10reps

Every other day

Legs and abs

- Toe raises on calf machine 5x25-50 reps
- Roman chair squats 5x20-30 reps
- Gironda ab squeezes x max

(Muscle Builder Magazine)


#1 2013-08-27 18:13
Don had a really fine physique. Very athletic. Surprised he never made it big in Hollywood.

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