Don Howorth Developing Dynamic Delts   • $24.00

Don Howorth Developing Dynamic Delts

"Developing Dynamic Delts" My Favorite Super-Massive Exercises.

Don Howorth's Training Methods For Building Super Wide Shoulders!

Muscle Building Course by Don Howorth, IFBB Mr America.

The definitive course on training the Don Howorth way includes:

- Don Howorth history and how he went from 115 lbs to IFBB Mr. America!

- My Old-Time Delt Favorites

- Shaping and Chiseling Exercises

- Developing Dynamic Delts Is A Must

- Anatomy and Function of the Deltoids

- The Most Effective Principles for Deltoid Work

- Exercise Equipment You Need for Bombing the Deltoids

- To Mass The Deltoids You Also Need To Gain Weight

- Don Howorth's Advice To New Bodybuilders

- Gain Weight!

- Nutrition and Rest - Vitals!

- On To Your Workout

- What Should You Wear When You Train?

- When Should You Take A Workout?

- About How Many Exercises Should You Do?

- What About Poundages?

- Hows About Sets and Repetitions?

- How About Specialisation?

- How About Strict Style and Cheating?

- Diet?

- How Much Rest?

- When To Bathe?

- What Is Over-Training? Under-Training?

- What About The Exercises?

- The Exercise Program

- Super Protein Drinks

- How To Gain Weight Rapidly

- Sleep and Muscle Growth

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