Do Amino Acids Work For Muscle Gain?

Do amino's work? Find a champion in the top five who doesn't use them. Doesn't mean they're good because the big guy uses them, just means that those guys would've axed the aminos a long time ago if they didn't work.

I have seen Vince Gironda use a liquid hydrolyzed amino acid product on his students for years. It is not one of those collagen-based aminos. It is derived from healthy glandular tissue. No one has ever returned a bottle for a refund in the over ten years that Vince has used the stuff. The liquid contains the funny little peptide chains that everyone is in love with these days.

Inosine looks good, but there are some factors that have to be looked into. If you have joint problems (i.e. nagging elbows, bum knees, etc.) take five of this product.

Many California athletes use an aloe vera juice that contains papain and bromelain enzymes. They wash down their supplements with it after meals. Seems to work especially well for those on a high carbohydrate diet.

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