Building Gladiator Pectorals

How To Develop Lower Pecs

I am writing you on the question of articles. I have read many times that you stress pec-isolation dips (32” wide) for general all-around , balanced pecs. Does this not over-develop the lower pecs and later in years produce a flabby look if not a tit looking appearance?

I have seen many bodybuilders who, after 45 or even younger guys, have sagging looking chests.

Just what is the best system (if any) for keeping tight looking through life?

My guess would be a low-carbo diet and a high cardiovascular workout tempo, but what about the right exercises?

This one is easy! The sagging musculature you describe is the loss of male hormone output in later life.

The only way to counteract this condition is to supply the body with hormone procuring foods (material) such as eggs, tri-germ oils etc.

If you would like me to give you a ridiculous solution, don’t ever develop any low pec line!!!

By the way, how much low pec do you have now? Enough to worry about?

How To Build Thick Pecs

I cannot get my pec’s to thicken up. I do plenty of bench presses and I work up to over 300 pounds for 2 reps.

I finish up my chest routine with six sets of cross over pulleys to build up the inner chest, but my pecs are still not big and rounded like I want, which is like melons standing off of my chest, so that I can win contests.

Why in hell would you want big rounded pecs?

With all respect I just cannot see it.

What you need is balanced impressive pecs with a full rounded line from your sternum to your armpits. Sure you want big pecs but big rounded melon pecs…ugh! You will look narrow and bunched up.

I suggest you go for wide pecs first which means building up the outerline, so that you will look impressive under pose lights. When you have “the line” you can thicken up your pecs with five quality sets of flying motions, 8 reps each set.

How do you get the line? Wide grip (30-33”) dips, feet forward, elbows out, chin on chest…work up to “five good sets!”

How To Enlarge Your Rib Cage

Can I increase my rib box shape and size with bent arm pullovers? I want to have a huge chest with a tight muscular waist.

Do not do heavy pullovers. They over stretch the abdominal fascia and your waist will just get sloppy.

You cannot greatly change your natural rib cage beyond its normal shape, nor can exercise significantly enlarge your rib cage.

Is There A Substitute For Gironda Dips?

I like to do dips for my chest and arms, but I have been sick lately, and at 62 years of age I have to take it easy.

My doctor says I can exercise, but I must stay within my limits. Is there any substitute for dips on parallel bars?

We have a special slant apparatus at "Vince's Gym" which can adjust to allow even little old ladies to do dips…but I doubt if any other gym has this item.

I suggest you place a stool under your dip bars. Give yourself a little lift when the going gets tough by allowing the stool to take some of your body weight, using your legs.

Pretty soon you will get strong enough to perform dips without the stool.

Lop Sided Development

Vince, I’ve been working out two years and I’ve developed a problem.

One side of my rib-cage is bigger than the other. My left side looks larger than my right.

Please Vince, tell me what I can do about this.

I’m going to get hell from MuscleMag readers for this because I am on record as not recommending either one arm movements or squats, but in your case because of the unusual circumstances I am - wait for it - recommending both!

Perform one arm dumbbell pullovers. Hold the dumbbell in the hand that corresponds with the small side of the thorax. Hold the wrist with the other hand and perform breathing pullovers after a set of breathing squats (20 reps).

Having now expounded I will await the two thousand letters telling me I’m a hypocrite. Over and out!

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