Building Gladiator Pectorals

How Did Larry Scott Train His Chest?

I always liked Larry Scott’s pectorals. They were not bulbous like so many guys today. I know he trained at your gym at the time he won the Olympia.

How did he exercise his chest muscles?

Larry alternated the neck press (supine body, hands over elbows, lowering barbell to neck) with chest parallel bar dips (hands 32” apart, chin on chest, feet forward of body).

These two exercises gave Larry his famous slab-like pecs by putting all the stress on the upper and outer areas.

A Cure For Slow Growing Pecs

My pecs are slow to grow in spite of the fact that I do a lot of straight arm flyes every workout. I also do floor dips between benches to get a stretch (3 x 15) and I get a good pump.

We do not have any cables at the gym I train at, so please do not recommend any cable crossovers or anything like that.

What you call a good pump is superficial. What you get from floor dips and straight arm pullovers is only a skin deep burn. A real pump comes from heavy work.

Forget straight arm flyes. They will wreck your elbows. Dips between benches are only good if they are made progressively heavier. (i.e., having a disc or weight attached to the body).

Try alternating the Neck Press (Supine Barbell Press lowering weight to the neck) and parallel bar dips (elbows out, chin on chest, feet forward. Grip 30-34” wide).

Perform enough sets and reps to congest the area and keep raising the resistance whenever possible to ensure growth.

The Vince Gironda Neck Press

Don HoworthVince, I need an exercise that builds the whole pec, not just the bottom part, which always seems to happen when I do a lot of regular flat bench presses.

How To Build The Upper Chest

I have a young hopeful training under my supervision, but he has a problem that you may be able to advise me on.

The inside front of the collar bone at both sides of the neck need development (High Pectoral).

What can you suggest to build this area?

The area you describe is the pectoral attachment to the clavicle bones, and the key exercise is the incline Dumbell Press.

This exercise is performed on a 45° incline bench. Supine position with two dumbbells using 1/3rd of the maximum weight your student can handle for 6 reps.

The second set, use 50% of the maximum weight 6 reps, and the third set, 75% of maximum weight. 4th set, work up to 100%; again to 75%; and 6th set, 50% maximum. 7th set, 1/3rd maximum weight.

This should be enough work for a boxer to develop the clavicular area.

The exercise is best performed with the dumbbells held with the knuckles facing the body. Do not hold the dumbbells as you would a barbell, because this position is 75% deltoid, and you are trying to develop pectoral.

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