Building Gladiator Pectorals

Vince Gironda Hanging Ring Flyes

Vince Gironda Hanging Ring Flyes

Vince Gironda Hanging Ring Flyes

This is a very distinct exercise to add muscle mass in the pectoral muscle and was widely used by the former Mr. Olympia Larry Scott while training in Vince 's Gym.

It is worth noting that this exercise has a fairly high level of difficulty, so it is recommended only for individuals who have good physical ability and a solid strength base.

It is perfectly possible to understand the correct technique to use observing the illustration above , but if this is the first time trying the movement, I recommend you start with your knees on the ground in order to reduce the degree of difficulty. Then you can move on to setting feet on the floor or on top of a bench as you gain more strength.

You can set up the necessary structure to perform this exercise with a TRX system or assembling chains with handles on a Smith machine , for example.

Note : When placing your feet on a higher platform it will enable more upper chest. If you put your feet on the ground it will put more strain on the lower chest.

Vince Gironda V-Bar Dips

Vince Gironda V-Bar Dips

This type of movement mainly works the chest, in a slightly different variation of other movements for the pectorals.

The main difference here is the type of grip used. In this case your palms are facing outward instead of inward and thumbs are pointing backwards. In this exercise, the distance between the thumbs should be approximately 82 cm. This is the kind of grip more comfortable to use and is also puts less tension on the biceps.

With your arms straight and elbows fixed, put your chin against your chest and place your feet in vertical slightly ahead of your abdominals. Your posture should resemble an Arab sword. Relax your abdominals and take a deep breath.

Start your body down slowly, moving your elbows while they remain aligned with the shoulder joints.

Dip down until the exterior of your pectorals is 7.5 cm from uour hands. If you do not have the strength or flexibility to make the movement on the V bar as described above, then perform them with a reduced range of motion within your capabilities.

From the initial top position, you can start down only about 2.5 cm and then go back up to the starting position. Your goal will be to try to get down a little bit more each workout until you can perform the full exercise.

Building Chest Muscle Correctly

I've never understood why male bodybuilders want to build huge, bulbous chest muscles. The pectorals or "pecs" run across the top of the rib cage and should be slablike in appearance, not bulging and hanging from sheer weight.

You have to add muscle in the proper places. Slap it on where it counts.

Vince Gironda Dips

Wide Grip Dips 

For those of you who are not familiar with this exercise I will explain it as Vince Gironda describes in his course "The Vince Gironda Workout Bulletin."

(IronMan Magazine Jan 1977 Vol. 36 No. 2)

Vince Gironda Dips

Use a parallel bar set up which permits you to have a spacing of 33" wide. Remember that the elbows must be wide and straight out from the shoulders. The head is down chin on chest and the back rounded forward. The feet are under the face or slightly in front. Dip as far down as possible and return as high as you can.

Gironda Dips

Never change this position as this isolates the pectoral muscle and does not bring the triceps into play as in the elbows back style.

Larry Scott Vince Gironda Dips

Vince Gironda Wide Grip Neck Presses

Another Gironda favorite was wide-grip neck presses.

Essentially, a bench press but with a wider-than-shoulder width grip on the bar, but instead of the bar being lowered to the lower or middle of the pec area, it is lowered to the base of the neck.

Many people don't do this exercise because it's much more difficult to handle heavier weights compared to a standard bench press, but the movement involves much more pec than shoulder and is extremely effective.

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