Can You Lose Fat And Gain Muscle At The Same Time?

Lose Fat And Gain MuscleI am 21 years old and have been training for quite a while. I love bodybuilding. It's definitely my number one sport.

My goal is to have a physique like Lee Labrada's. We have almost the same size measurements, except that I weigh a soft 200 pounds, while Lee weighs 185 pounds of pure muscle.

What would be the best way to lose my excess fat and still gain muscle at the same time? I want to weigh a solid 185 like Lee. Most importantly, what is the best training method?

My friends say, I should train six days a week, while in the magazines they say to train three days a week. Can you please lead me in the right direction?

Firstly, just because you are the same height as Lee Labrada, and weigh the same, doesn't mean you'll look like Lee, unless you have identical proportions to him. If you do, you should be a top professional and winning pro shows. Don't expect to look like Lee just because you get your weight down to 185 pounds.

As to the best training method to lose fat and gain muscle, I suggest you utilize my Four Sides to a Muscle course, using four exercises per muscle group, for four sets each. Keep the reps down in a 10-8-6-15 format. I suggest you rest only 45 seconds between sets. Train each muscle group twice a week. Train four days a week, splitting your body in two.


#1 Forzafurioso 2012-10-14 13:24
Talk about a tough routine... I've tried Four Sides to a Muscle
the ordinary way and it's hard enough.
#2 2015-03-11 03:36
Lived on four sides to a muscle , but only two sets as advised by Vince in the early 1980s.
Loved it , but I did train 6 days a week each body part twice a week .
Made great progress . Think I will do the same
Four sides but only three days a week. Kinda exited about that

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