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Burn Fat Gain Muscle

For years our Burn Fat-Trim Down 3000 was our very best body fat reducer. Then we took our best and made it even better by creating the Burn Fat-Gain Muscle Pack, which took fat loss to another step.

Many ingredients in Burn Fat-Trim Down 3000 are used as a starting block for the Burn Fat-Gain Muscle Pack.
They are choline, inositol, DL-methionine, CitrimaxĂ˝, chromium, vanadium, potassium, B-6, uva ursi, and betaine HCl.

Chromium and vanadium have been proven to be important in stabilizing insulin and blood sugar levels, which help fat loss and aid muscle growth. Consuming small meals through the day only enhances this process. Also very important: Digest your food!

We added many of the finest natural muscle enhancers, energy boosters, and body water eliminators. The total is 32 balanced nutrients to create this finest and most complete pack of its kind today. We hope you agree!

The great Vince Gironda used our formulas for many years in building some of the finest defined physiques in the world.


#1 2015-03-29 18:18
Do you have a projected date for when burn fat-trim down 3000 will be back in stock

Thanks in advance

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