Bodybuilding Is 85% Nutrition

People are often sceptible of my statement that bodybuilding is 85 percent nutrition. The average bodybuilder vastly underestimates the value of diet and overestimates how good his own eating program is.


#1 2016-02-16 20:46
It's true. Very true. Food is the biggest part of the whole equation.
#2 2016-11-26 03:43
Body-building IS 85% diet/nutrition. The gym is the easier part of it. If you do not consume the eggs (fertile), milk (raw), digestive enzymes (not probiotics), liver tabs, aminos, in something at least close to the correct proportions you will waste your time and YOU WILL FAIL!!!
This of course is natural body-building, not lying, cheating steroidal freaks we're talking about.

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