Bob Hoffman

Bob Hoffman rose to prominence as the owner of the York Barbell, founder of magazines such as Muscular Development, Strength and Health, and the manufacturer of a line of bodybuilding supplements. Hoffman was the promoter of bodybuilders like John Grimek and Sigmund Klein, as well as an overseer for the American Weightlifting Team.

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Big ArmsBig Arms

The definitive guide to building big muscular arms.

Bob Hoffman Daily DozenBob Hoffman Daily Dozen

The classic routine for conditioning and those who are pressed for time.

Broad ShouldersBroad Shoulders

The definitive guide to building broad muscular shoulders.

Functional Isometric ContractionFunctional Isometric Contraction

The definitive guide on isometric training; one of the most effective forms of exercise.

Secrets of Strength and DevelopmentSecrets of Strength and Development

The definitive guide to strength and physical development.

Simplified System of Barbell TrainingSimplified System of Barbell Training

The definitive guide to progressive barbell training.

Simplified System of Dumbell TrainingSimplified System of Dumbell Training

The definitive guide to progressive dumbell training.

Simplified System of Swing Bar TrainingSimplified System of Swing Bar Training

The definitive guide to swing bar training.

The Big Chest BookThe Big Chest Book

The definitive guide to building a big muscular chest.

Weight LiftingWeight Lifting

The definitive guide to weight lifting for strength and muscle.

York Hand Balancing CourseYork Hand Balancing Course

Includes both York Hand Balancing Courses 1 and 2.

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