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Blair Report

The first issue reveals rare concepts in exercise and nutrition for optimum body composition and muscular gains.


- Forward From Larry Scott

- Excerpts From Iron Man Magazine

- Developing Separation and Definition

- Larry Scott Interview: Diet, Nutrition, Protein Usage, Meal Timings

- The Optimum Usage of Protein Powder, Cream, Milk, Eggs, Supplements (HCL, Liver, etc.)

- Stan Brice: Supplementation, Diet, Nutrition

- Gable Boudreaux: Nutrition Program

- Rheo H Blair - Fact or Fraud?

- Customer Testimonials and Insight

- Studies of training and nutrition with Dave Draper, Don Howorth, Larry Scott, Gable Boudreaux, Stan Brice, Howard Sanford Young, John Tristram and more

- Understand the finer details of Vince Gironda's recommendations for his protein drink; Protein Powder, Lactose, Cream, HCL, Digestive Enzymes, etc.

A fascinating and informative insight into the nutrition of the golden age bodybuilders!

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want to purchase vince gorinda books , i am from India , how to purchase it . payment mode kindly tell in Indian rupee

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