Gaining Massive Triceps and Biceps

A Simplified Arm Program For Stubborn Arms

Can you give me a simplified arm program?

I do not have much time to exercise, but I can do it regularly. I have tried various routines of different champions but my arms have not gained even though I was performing six different exercises for my forearms, biceps and triceps.

My arms seem to pump up well when I train but the next day they are back to normal.

You are doing too many exercises for your arms. Try just one for each section as follows; but first you should stimulate your metabolism so that arm growth comes quicker.


Barbell squats straight back with heels elevated 1-1 ½”. Preferably, front squat, bar on chest, heels about 20 inches wide, knees a comfortable width, about 24 inches.

In the erect position, take 2 very deep breaths and hold the second breath and squat (back straight) and return to upright position and exhale.

Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions, 2 to 3 minutes rest between sets.


Stand in front of the dumbbell rack and pick up a pair of 20 pound dumbbells, palms facing thighs, curl left dumbbell slowly, turning palm up and bending to the left.

Watching dumbbell travel up to shoulder, hand should be outside deltoid at contracted position. At this point, turn your head to the right and start to curl right dumbbell simultaneously.

As you curl the right weight, lower the left hand back to starting position.

Counting with your left hand, complete four repeats only. Next step: put dumbbells back on rack and take 2 deep breaths and shake your arms and pick up the next heaviest set and do 4 repetitions.

Proceed until you have curled the heaviest set of dumbells you can handle (creative cheating is ok).

Next step: work down the rack to your starting sets. That’s it for biceps. Don’t do any other biceps work.


Barbell pullover and press: Lie on your back on workout bench with head slightly off the end so you can lower the bar below head.

Take a 12” grip (overhand) and keeping elbows in, to parallel with body, lower bar down, back over head and slightly below bench level, with elbows in and up, pull barbell over face to low pec line.

At this point, swing elbows out wide and press barbell up and forward, ending at arms length over stomach (forward press).

Lower barbell back down to chest and roll elbows in, parallel to body, and push bar back over face to starting position (4 sets of 12 reps).


Take a 12” wide grip on a barbell. Bend over forward and place your forearms on the top of your thighs.

Wrist breaks at the knee so you have full movement of barbell with your thumbs under bar, let the bar roll down to fingertips.

Slowly close hand and curl wrist back to contract position, and in this position count 2.

Please do 12 reps!

Next, compound set is the standing overhand body drag curl, with thumbs on top of bar, start with a grip, overhand grip wider than your body and reverse.

Curl barbell with the bar in contact with your body. Curl wrists back at contracted position and count 2.

Next, go back to your bent over wrist curl for your second set and then second set of reverse body drag.

That’s it!

Drag Curls Biceps Workout

I am concerned at present with my biceps development. Currently my arms measure 15-1/2” and I train my arms using the barbell curl and the seated concentration curl, but results are not coming.

I suggest you do five sets of “Drag Curls” and five sets of “Preacher Curls”. This will give your biceps a workout like never before.

(P.S. Drag Curls are performed by keeping the barbell touching the body as it raises from mid thigh to the chest area. The elbow will fall back rather than come forward as the curl is concluded.)

Drag Curls For Bigger Biceps

Drag Curls For Bigger Biceps

If you have a problem getting a good burn in your biceps, try doing body-drag curls.

In a standing barbell curl position, slide the bar upward against your body until it reaches your mid-chest level - about as high as you'll be able to move it without cheating it up - then lower the bar the same way, making sure it does not lose contact with your torso.

Your elbows will move backward and your shoulders cannot assist in the movement.

Get prepared for a great biceps burn.

The Larry Scott Arm Secret

Larry Scott Preacher BenchTell me about Larry Scott. I know that he trained at your gym during the time he won his Olympia crown. The reason why I am interested in him is that he did not have a big frame, yet he still built enormous arms. Vince what was Scott's arm secret?

Scott trained at my gym during his heyday. He still trains very hard, incidentally, even though he's over fifty years of age. He may never win another Olympia title, but then again that is not a priority with him.

Larry's secret was hard work. He really does go all out. He was definitely a heavy duty advocate before Mike Mentzer publicized the method. However, Scott did perform more overall sets then Mentzer advocated. Larry's first few reps were quite often as difficult as most trainers last reps.

Frequently he would struggle with his first rep. For his biceps Larry would do five sets of barbell preacher curls, followed by five sets of dumbell preacher curls. About one minute rest allowed between sets, just time enough for Larry to take a sip at the water fountain.

Scott found that his triceps responded well to combining two movements, one isolation and one compound. He alternated the close grip bench press with EZ curl bar with longpull triceps extensions (face down) on the cradle bench. At the time my gym was the only gym in the country with a cradle bench.

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