Gaining Massive Triceps and Biceps

Make Stubborn Biceps Grow

I am having difficulty in making my biceps grow and respond. I haven’t even gained ½ inch in six months.

What can I do to make my biceps grow Vince?

Presently I do Barbell curls, dumbell curls and preacher curls, three sets each of 10 reps.

Try doing 21's for increased arm size. Do seven partial barbell curls, moving the bar from the thighs to only half way up. Next do seven partial reps from the top and lower half way down. Next do seven full reps.

Your biceps should be pumped to the max and on fire!

During performance of this exercise, keep intermuscular contractions at a high level.

Try also to eat more protein. I recommend 50 grams of protein six times a day while on this biceps program. Also try taking five free-form amino acid tablets and five desiccated liver tabs every three hours to keep yourself in positive nitrogen balance and the tissues saturated with protein.

Muscle Fibre Biceps Building

I am seeking your advice because I have heard that you are very knowledgeable.

My arms will not grow any more. They measure 14 ½" at 5'10".

I do five sets of curls and five sets of triceps parallel bar dips because these are the best exercises I know.

My reps average 12-15 each set.

Your arms need more work on the muscle fibre. Till now you are building more capillaries than muscle fibre.

Try 2 exercises for biceps and 2 for triceps. 6 sets of 6 reps each. No rest at all between sets of biceps or triceps.

Rest 10 minutes after working biceps before going to triceps.

Perform routine three days a week. Do not baby yourself. Work over your head. Make each rep tough. Go all out. Do not save yourself for future sets. Each will take care of itself.

A Balanced Arm Routine

I am on your balanced arm routine, but my arms are at a standstill at the moment. How do I get them moving again?

With regard to arms, start using two "burns" on each rep plus six "burns" on the last rep.

Also use a ten count on negative part of the last rep.

What Is The Best Triceps Exercise?

What is the "best" triceps exercise you have to offer us muscleheads?

You seem to be the man of the moment Vince so I am writing to ask.

I enjoy your questions and answers in MuscleMag International. I read them first. I would be interested in your answer to my questions.

I have always favored the face down cradle-bench pulley triceps extension.

It not only builds the triceps over the fullest range of extension but emphasizes the "show" part of this three-headed structure - the outer head.

A further four favourite triceps exercise are named in my new manual "Four Sides to a Muscle".

How To Perform Seated Dumbell Curls

I just love doing the seated two dumbbell curl, but I would like to know for sure that I am performing it correctly.

Please tell me (1) is this a worthwhile exercise (2) how you would recommend its performance.

I think that the seated two dumbbell curl is a fine exercise, second only to the Scott Bench Curl, or Gironda bench curl (depending on your age).

The way I perform it is cross-legged to prevent the upper legs interfering in any way with the path of the dumbbells.

The biceps must be allowed to curl the weight in the purest arc possible.

I also try to keep my upper arms still when I curl. Do not raise the elbows up at the conclusion of the curling motion.

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