Gaining Massive Triceps and Biceps

Correctly Performing The Preacher Bench Curl

Larry Scott popularized the preacher bench curl to the point that knowledgeable bodybuilders renamed it the Scott Curl. Larry and Vince Gironda devised a specific technique to be used in conjunction with Scott curls.

We’ll pass it along as it remains the finest preacher bench curl technique yet devised: at the start of the Scott curl, as the weight is being lowered, lean backward ever so slightly.

This makes the start portion of the rep hard – which is exactly what Larry and Vince wanted. As the weight is curled upward, lean forward in subtle, synchronized fashion. Time the lean so it coincides with rep stroke.

Lean back maximally at the start and forward in a gradual fashion as the bar travels to lock-out. Sequence the lowering portion; as the bar is lowered, lean back to start the next curl. This cocks the trigger for the next rep. At the top of the stroke your nose should hover inches from the bar.

Use a complete range-of-motion (ROM). No half-reps or partial reps; lower the bar all the way down and never ever bounce out of the low position to utilize rebound momentum. You can dislocate an elbow.

Use Larry’s curl technique with a wide range of reps. Be sure to include forced reps. It would be about impossible for your arms not to grow using this protocol.

Test ride this technique if you are serious about getting big guns.

Biceps Shock Treatment

I am 15 years old and have been bodybuilding six months now. I’ve made wonderful progress. However, I am an Instictive Trainer, and I’ve read where you should work the muscles than aren’t well developed more, instead of the ones that are.

I have one serious problem, and that’s with my biceps. They just don’t grow like my other muscles. My triceps smother them. Could you please send me your workout bulletin? Thank you.

What your biceps need is a shock treatment! And this is performed as follows.

Start with a pair of 20 lb. dumbells and perform a standing alternate curl, palm up - 4 reps only. Do your reps slowly and curl the dumbell all the way up to the shoulder, contracting tightly.

Remember to keep the elbows pointing down to the floor, with the upper arm never leaving your side. Work up the rack in 5 lb. jumps as high as you can go in weight.

Now reverse and work down the rack to 20 lb. or less. Instead of resting, just shake your arms at your sides and continue curling.

This is all you do for your biceps, do not add any other exercises. This routine should not be employed for more than 9 workouts - or 3 weeks - or you will lose size from overwork.

After 3 weeks, go back to your regular biceps routine. This shock treatment should increase your arm size one inch in just 3 weeks.

Overwork, and you will lose the size.

Lop-Sided Arm Development

My left arm is less developed than my right. I just cannot even things up.

I feel that this difference, almost two inches, will hold me back when I enter contests.

In the performance of any exercise, always THINK LEFT-HANDED if you are right-handed (if not, reverse), particularly on alternate movements; always start with your left arm.

Start using your left arm to open doors, reach for things, etc. In short, learn to become ambidextrous.

Actually, the way to bring up any smaller muscle is to concentrate on that side of your body and become fully aware of what is taking place with that muscle (Mind to muscle pathway is strengthened and improved.) Concentration is visualization. So, see the muscle in your mind’s eye (and watch it pump.)

The oldest adage in bodybuilding is work for a pump. Never attempt to work the smaller side with one-arm exercises. This only overworks it and will actually cause it to shrink. You must strengthen nerve pathways first; then the muscle will grow. (Electrical Charge.)

It goes without saying, you are developing better coordination with the muscle involved, and thus, will use it automatically. So, THINK LEFT!!!

Building Biceps Peaks

I am 14 years old and have been lifting weights for about a year and a half. I have a training problem with my biceps peaks.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a recent issue of Muscle Builder, "if you have a lack for biceps peak you should do concentration curls and dumbbell curls with a twist of your wrist at the top of each curl."

But every time I try curls of this kind, it hurts my wrist so much that I can only do 3 or 4 reps. Even my calves are bigger than my biceps.

Do you think the advice is good or bad? Any training tips you can give me will be deeply appreciated.

Could you answer my letter because I might miss your advice in Muscle Builder.

Specialization on biceps should include 4 different exercises (each for a different aspect of the biceps); 3 sets of 8 reps, followed by forearm work.

Also, this routine should be at the end of your workout.

Should You Use An E.Z. Curl Bar?

Should I use an EZ curl bar or a straight bar when doing my curls?

Which is best for the biceps?

Each of us is individual. Tendons, ligaments and bone leverage vary from one person to another.

Obviously if the use of a straight bar brings discomfort in the wrist or elbow then a more comfortable EZ curl bar is superior.

My own opinion is that all other things being equal the straight bar is superior for standing barbell curls than an EZ curl bar.

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