Gaining Massive Triceps and Biceps

Keep Your Muscle Physique Balanced

Biceps CurlThere's a trend towards building big arms today. This is fine as long as two provisios are followed. First, an arms should have a balanced development between the biceps and triceps.

Second, a grossly overdeveloped arm matched with a pair of puny legs or underdeveloped shoulders looks ghastly.

Get big by all means, but keep the pyhsique balanced.

Larry Scott Preacher Curl Burns

I heard from a guy who’s been a member of your gym for nearly thirty years. Can you believe it?

He says that he would train at your gym over any other even though they may have acres of high-tech chrome machines, pooles, sun rooms, jacuzzis and saunas! He said that Vince’s Gym is straight forward and contains only apparatus that is 100 percent useful to the bodybuilder.

I have gone off track. Sorry, Vince my question is about Larry Scott’s arm training. I would like you to clear up a point of contention since Larry trained at your gym when he won his big titles.

Here goes: When Larry Scott did preacher curls did he do 8 reps and then three “burns” at the top of the movement or did he also do “burns” in the arm-extended positions?

Larry Scott only used the preacher bench for his biceps training at my gym, and I believe even today he uses it exclusively.

He used to do eight reps with four or five “burns” (quick partial-reps) at the top, and when he couldn’t hold it any longer, he’d lower the weight and do four or five more “burns” at the bottom.

He never put a weight down until he had squeezed everything there was to get out of it. He drew blood with every set.

How To Perform Perfect Biceps Curls

You seem to have a unique way of doing nearly all exercises, little things that apparently make the exercises more effective. Could you tell me the right way to do a barbell curl?

I’ve always felt you had the most sensible and intelligent approach to bodybuilding.

You are a very astute and observant young man and sensible and intelligent for recognizing it in me.I gladly return the compliment.

As to barbell curls, I have rarely seen anybody do this exercise properly. Most people lean forward as they curl, depriving the lower biceps of work and at the completion of the movement they lean back, depriving the upper biceps of work.

I recommend you do the opposite.

This is what I call "perfect" curls. As you start the curl, lean back so that the lower biceps receives a lot of stretch and does most of the work.

As the bar reaches mid point, your upper body should be perfectly vertical. This allows the belly of the biceps to receive the majority of work.

Finally, at the completion of the rep, lean forward, cramping the biceps and working the peak of the biceps.

Obviously less weight than normal must be used when doing "perfect" curls, but your biceps will benefit more.

Try 4 sets of 10 reps and you may just end up with perfect biceps.

How To Increase Your Bicep Height

I want more biceps height!

My arms are pretty big right now, 17-1/2” at 5’7” height, but when I pose them the biceps region appears flat. Please tell me the truth.

Can I improve the height of my biceps and if so what exercise will best do the job?

You can belly-out any muscle with short range movements that work the center (belly) of the muscle in question. For the biceps I suggest you perform the seated cable short range curl (using a low pulley). Curl the arms only over a 6 inch range. Five sets of ten reps.

Training For Stubborn Triceps

Can you give me a really good triceps exercise Vince? I have a baseball biceps development that you wouldn’t believe but I just can’t get my triceps to grow any kind of belly.

I like using a pulley machine for stubborn triceps because they usually give more continous tension, and once you get into pulleys you will be able to concentrate more while you’re doing the exercise.

Try the rope kickback exercise. It’s worked well for many advanced bodybuilders.

Stand with one leg stretched rearwards and straight.

Hold a rope (one end in each hand) at the back of the neck.

Keep elbows wide and push outward with the arms to a straight-arm position.

Keep your head down throughout the exercise.

Try five sets of eight reps.

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