Gaining Massive Triceps and Biceps

The Amazing Secret To Huge Biceps By Larry Scott

Scott curls are the best exercise for building biceps I have ever seen. I am going to take the liberty of calling them Scott curls even though I didn't invent the exercise. Over the years however, I have perfected the design of this little bench to where it is as close to perfection as anything I have been able to achieve.

When it's designed correctly it's great. If not, it's lousy. The normal flat faced bench is not very good for biceps work. There are many exercises that will do a better job. But let's assume you have a well designed bench with at least a convex face. The key to this exercise working its charm requires a few specifics.

The Gironda Perfect Curl

The late, Vince Gironda, the originator of the Perfect Curl (or complete curl) described how to do it in the following manner.

The first part of "The Perfect Curl" (using a straight bar and a shoulder width hand spacing) begins with the elbows resting on the pelvis or hip bones with the arms hanging straight and the upper torso inclined with the head and shoulders just back of the hips.

This particular starting position will actively stimulate the lower insertion of the biceps as the barbell is curled upward the first 10-12 inches.

The second part of "The Perfect Curl" kicks in as the barbell is continuing to be curled upward and the upper torso (head and shoulders) begins to travel forward to an erect (or vertical) position. This part of the curl involves the belly of the

The third part of "The Perfect Curl" concludes with the upper torso (head and shoulders) moving slightly forward from an erect (or vertical) position and the bar is curled upward to completion. When the torso is slightly forward from vertical at the completion of the upward phase of the curl it creates a maximum peak contraction in the biceps.

Cramp the barbell into the top curl position and contract the biceps for all they are worth for a second and then reverse the procedure as you lower the barbell to the starting position.

This completes one rep!

Each rep should take approximately 6 seconds to complete.

Always use poundage that you can handle in the form described above, perhaps with about 60 percent of your maximum single barbell curl.

Vince suggested doing one of the following sets and reps schemes; 6 sets of 6 reps, or 8 sets of 8 reps and finally 10 sets of 10 reps.

Rest-pause, 20-30 seconds between each set of the chosen set and rep scheme.

The Vince Gironda Body Drag Curl

Vince Gironda Body Drag CurlFor those too young to remember, the vince gironda body drag curl was a favorite of the late, great Vince Gironda, better known as the Iron Guru.

How To Train For Biceps Peak

Vince GirondaI am 14 years old and have been lifting weights for about a year and a half. I have a training problem with my bleep peaks.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a recent issue of Muscle Builder, "If you have a lack for bicep peak you should do concentration curls and dumbbell curls with a twist of your wrist at the top of each curl." But every time I try curls of this kind it hurts my wrist so much that I can only do 3 or 4 reps. Even my calves are bigger than my biceps

Do you think the advice is good or bad?

Any training tips you can give me will be deeply appreciated.

Specialization on biceps should include 4 different exercise's (each for a different aspect of the bicep); 3 sets of 8 reps, followed by forearm work. Also, this routine should be at the end of your workout.

(Musclemag Magazine March 1982)

Vince Gironda Triceps Shock

This compound exercise is best performed with the Dymetric Bar. Compound movements differ from supersets, in that super-sets work two opposing muscles (biceps and triceps for example). Compounding is 2 or 3 exercises on the same muscle and enables the bodybuilder to build three different aspects of the muscle: low, middle and high heads. The one I will describe is a supine curl from the neck with the elbows up toward the ceiling, with an 8" wide over hand grip on the bar. From this position, curl-press the weight up over the neck and lock out arms at the extended position.

The second movement immediately following with no break is the triceps pull-over extension, with the bar at arms' length over chest - neck; lower the bar slowly down and over the head to a close-to-head position with the bar just below the head. (The head should extend beyond the end of bench to about the ears). Next, curl the bar up and forward so bar does not change from the first hand position of 8".

The third movement without changing hand width is arms extended over chest. Start lowering the bar and bend elbows to the sides and continue lowering the bar until it touches the neck and then up again.

This exercise should be performed 6 reps for each movement with a total of 18 reps to the total set. Three total sets of the compound is enough work for the triceps, because the combination produces far more work done than 9 sets done in series!

By the way, the best shock workout I know for biceps is to stand in front of the dumbell rack and alternate curl 4 reps every dumbell it the rack, starting at 23-25 pounds and working up to the biggest dumbell you can use. Then work back down again to the lightest weight you can use and still feel the pump. This routine will pull your arm out of a slump in a week or two at the most!

(Musclemag Vol 2 issue 1)

Vince Gironda Weighted Pullup

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