Defining a Marvellous Midsection

Training For A Slim Waist

Vince Gironda CrunchI know that diet has a lot to do with the condition of the waist but I really need something different.

I do crunches, situps, leg raises, twists. Vince, I want you to give me something new for my intercostals and midsection.

Please suggest a good new ab exercise. I am really looking forward to reading your new book. When will it be published?

The book "Unleashing the Wild Physique" will be out in about six weeks. It will be available at all better book stores.

Try the following exercise for your abs. Lie on the floor on your back. Raise the right knee to the left elbow, then immediately raise the left knee to the right elbow. Endeavour to touch elbows and knees together each repetition, but do not jerk the legs upward. The movement must be slow and deliberate.

Lay the head back flat on the floor between each leg lift.

You say that you know that diet has a lot to do with waistline impressiveness. “Knowing” is not enough. You have to put what you know into practise. Eat less as of now!

The Concentric Double-Up For Abdominals

I find your “Ask Vince” very helpful. It is most informative and interesting.

I have been lifting weights for one year. My age is 35.

The problem I am having trouble with is my abdominals, especially the lower section. To some I may sound silly, but this is the area I want to specialize in, so to speak.

I am 6’ tall and weigh 170 lbs. and would like to gain to 180 without putting inches on my waist.

Most weight lifters seem to neglect the abdominals. I want and admire what I call “washboard” abs if possible.

If you can furnish me with a routine along with a good diet to help me accomplish my goal, it would be greatly appreciated. I don’t mind working real hard. All I need is your professional advice and a workable routine.

I would advise you to try the concentric double-up.

This is performed by placing the hands behind the head and pulling the knees back towards the elbows. Knees and elbows and forehead should touch in the contracted position. As the knees and elbows part, remember to allow only 10” of movement between extension and contraction.

I would also practice bending over and placing my hands on my knees and drawing the lower abs in and holding the contracted position for a count of 2.

As for the ten pounds you want to gain, cut out more carbohydrates in your diet and eat smaller meals 4 to 6 times a day.


Don't Train Your Abdominals Every Day

You have said it was bad to work your stomach muscles every day. Yet, many of the muscle books say you should.

I have read many of your articles which have made good sense to me and gives me the idea you know what you’re talking about, that is why I’m sending for your courses.

I would like to know if it is alright to work your stomach muscles every day? I will wait for your answer and hope it will be soon.

Work abdominals every day and you will lose them. They will smooth out, become bloated looking.

If you work any muscle every day you lose muscle tone, and about 40% of your male hormone, producing a feminine smooth look.

Overwork does not produce muscle tissue, but destroys it. Work your abdominals the same number of sets and reps you would any other muscle. And please, no High Reps.

What Is The Best Waist Exercise?

I have tried just about every abdominal exercise there is but I still cannot get abs.

I know diet has a lot to do with it but I just cannot seem to get my abs up whatever I do.

What is the best waist exercise please Vince?

You do not apply what you know. Sharpen up your diet. Knowledge is no good without positive action. Get your act together.

The best abdominal exercise is crunches performed on a trampoline or trampette.

As you curl up your torso, your hips will sink down into the "Tram" and the ab movement’s effectiveness will be compounded. Train your abs 3 times a week - no more.

Crunches Instead Of Situps

I recently bought an old collection of bodybuilding magazines from a used book store in our town (I must confess I’m a bodybuilding magazine nut, even on my honeymoon I took my wife around all the newsstand stores in Detroit looking for MuscleMags...I just can’t get enough).

Appears to me looking through these old mags, that you were the first trainer to recommend crunches for abs instead of situps. Now that’s what I call being ahead of your time.

There are also many other things that you recommended years ago that are now widely accepted, yet in those days your ideas seemed to be treated in the mags as radical.

I would like to know if you have found any other abdominal exercises to beat crunches?

There are several really good ab exercises.

The newest is the inverted situp (You need inversion boots for this one). It works the all important lower "groin" abdominal area.

I also like the hanging leg raise from chin bar.

One oldie that will really work and bring out your abs is the horizontal shoulder planche. Permit me to resurrect it. From this day on let it be used more frequently in the gyms around the United States.

The bench planche is a very "telling" exercise and because of its degree of stress, the abdominals quickly react by toning up faster than you can say "Iron Guru".

If it is too difficult for you to perform then make your first attempts with knees bent, tucked in.

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