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The whole nutrition field is under attack by the FDA and big pharmaceuticals, which is putting unrealistic and unnecessary regulations on us!

My cola-zyme herbal formulation (over 35 herbs) in the kit must now be tested before & after the product is made. My Amino-Acids (same one for 30 years) are being held up for reasons unknown.
Nutritional labs know it's just harassment, as you are aware that sometime ultimately the FDA and big pharmaceuticals want to classify all nutritional products as drugs so drug companies can control them (as now in Germany) and invoke the worldwide codex! More freedoms being taken away!

Please write your senators and congressmen to protest!

Thanks, Ron


#1 2011-01-09 16:19
That's outrageous! This is my second time using the kit (more so for the fast as I find it a spiritual journey) Although I adjust the amount of colo-zyme I take due to my system being a bit sensitive I have been recommending it to lots of people to help them get off to a fresh start and change their lifestyles for the better. The quality of your product is the same as it was when I did this a couple years ago and the training studio I used to work for still carries you products. It worries me that big whigs who do not have an actual interest in my well being, but one in my wallet get to control my choices in life. Sad.

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