A Man Named Vince Gironda Who Would Be Known As The "Iron Guru"

The audience grew noisier and more excited as each contestant turned, posed and flexed. The next man enters the brightly lit stage from the wings and as he poses the three-thousand-strong crowd draw in a collective gasp.

He has it all - wide shoulders, narrow hips and amazing definition - well oiled and incredibly proportioned he looks like a work of art.

The audience catches their breath and break into thunderous applause. He runs his hand up his thigh, flexing the quads, the sartorious, pulling up his leopard skin trunks at the front to display python-like muscles running up his upper leg.

The judges and audience wince and marvel at the sheer clarity with which his muscles are displayed. Never before has such exceptional definition been seen on a physique competitor.

As he flexed and turned, flexed and turned, each cell of his muscled body soaked up the adulation of the crowd until he walked off stage - a man way ahead of his time. A man named Vince Gironda who would come to be known as the "Iron Guru".

- From Iron Guru - the Vince Gironda Biography (Unpublished)

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