A Diet Plan For Cuts

I have been reading your column in MuscleMag International for some years. I am 44 now. In fact your questions and answers are the first section I turn to.

My problem is this: I have a covering of fat all over my body so please give me a training routine to rid me of this unwanted body fat. I need muscular definition.

There is no such thing as a weight training routine for definition. There are only diets for definition.

To obtain definition (cuts) it is my experience that in most cases someone of your age has to maintain a very low blood sugar state for a good period of time.

In short, you will probably have to eat as little as possible.


#1 2011-12-21 07:03
how can i reduce my unwanted body fat? your site tells the fully informed about to take the body in balanced shape.
i want to carzy about to know plan to body fitness plan.
#2 2015-12-04 04:33
When Vince says "eat as little as possible", does it matter if it's a high carb or low carb diet?

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