10-8-6-15 Vince Gironda Training Course

Vince's approach on this program is predicated on utilizing percentages of 6 rep maxes, perfect form (as always), one exercise per bodypart, three upper body workouts per week and two lower body workouts per week. It is also the only routine I am aware of for which Vince recommended longer rest periods -- up to 60 seconds.

As with most of Vince's approaches, the ego has no place. One calculates a 6 rep max in a given exercise and this becomes "100%". The 10 rep set is performed with 50% of that number, rest of "up to" 60 seconds is allowed then the 8 rep set is performed with 75% of the 6 rep max, rest up to 60 seconds and go with the 100% for 6 reps, finishing off with 15 reps at 35% of 6 rep max. For a bench 6 rep max of 200#, this would mean 10x100 8x150 6x200 15x70.

10-8-6-15 Vince Gironda Training Course

Kind of seems undercapacity doesn't it? With the usual sloppy exercise performance most folks utilize, it likely would. But following Vince's recommendations on perfect performance with total focus and concentration on the muscles being worked it really gets the job done.

I think Vince initially came up with this concept to blast someone out of a training rut and to provide some variety from his other programs.


#1 Forzafurioso 2012-05-17 08:48
I still haven't tried this one. My favorite so far is "4 sides"!
#2 2013-02-23 04:25
In the first part of the 1970s I was an Olympic Style Lifter. I was 6.2 and just over 160 pounds. Even at that weight I could split C &J- 245 and snatch around 180. I found it almost impossible to add body weight.

I decided to try to increase my leg size/strength by using the 10-8-6-15 routine. It worked better for leg power than any of the low rep high weight stuff. In a matter of two months my full front squat went form 220 to 262 fro a single rep.

I came back to the 10-8-6-15 six months later for squats and front squats with my feet close together 12-14 inches and within 15 months I weighed 197 pounds an jerked 300 on an exercise set.

I had size and power from this routine and was able to do reps with over 300 in the close stance full back squat.

I works for both size and power!

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